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Birthed from a heart to see others win!

When you combine courageous, bold, beautiful, flawed yet determined together, the image looks like what you see in the mirror everyday. The Promise Circle embraced that image and said, my life has been a series of promises, some manifested, some broken and answered the question, how do I behave when either happens.

Our backgrounds couldn't be more different. Our passions... all different, yet that is what bonded us. We decided to prove to the world the power of differences when united and the Promise Circle was born.

What thread connects us? We are all married to the greatest men to walk the Earth, chosen leaders...PASTORS. Each of us have had missteps. Those missteps, be it our choices, missed timing or the power of ME, have made us proven answers.

What good is a quiet answer? NOT ON OUR WATCH! We are united to revive, renew, refill, and remind great women in the Body Christ that you matter, your voice matters, and you are not alone. 

We invite you out of pain...into promise.

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