Marci Diane Thompson is a seasoned strategist and learning designer, with significant experience within the non-profit association community. 

Currently, Marci is the Chief Growth Officer for a high-profile marketing organization, where she leads the strategic charge for member engagement, professional development and training. 

Previously, Marci served as the Chief Learning Officer for Zweig Group, a management consulting firm. Throughout her career, Marci has guided adult-learning in organizations ranging from 7,000 to 100,000 members. 

Additionally, Marci is a well-known speaker, contributing writer for trade publications, and two-time author. Her book, “The P Word,” which journals her insights and pursuit of leading a passionate, fulfilling life, was published in 2016. Her latest literary work “Get it Done” is a workbook that compels readers to go from idea to action.


Marci continues to inspire others. She launched Lovery, Inc., an online retail outlet for motivational products for individuals and event novelty item needs. As well, because she is passionate about God and his people, Marci serves in ministry at The Gathering at Forestville under the leadership of Bishop Donald Wright. 

She lives with her husband in Maryland.

Visit Lovery, Inc. 

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