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Dr. Nakia R. Wright is a woman of many hats. She is a wife, mother, counselor, mentor, and motivational speaker, among many other things. However, first and foremost Dr. Wright is a servant to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and believes, without wavering, in the strength of Holy Writ.


Dr. Wright currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for a non-profit organization located just on the outskirts of Washington, DC. In 2010 Dr. Wright started The Chosen Ones, an organization geared towards young women ages

13 – 17 in an effort to combat the daily struggles that teenage girls face. In addition to empowering young women, in 2015 she was appointed as the head of the Gathering of Ladies, which is the women’s ministry at TGAF. Nakia seeks to uplift, strengthen, and speak life into women by being a transparent vessel that is dedicated to the success of every heart she encounters.


Dr. Nakia Wright is the founder of The Life of Books which is a virtual book club. She is committed to bringing back the power of the pages and reviving the joys of reading. Dr. Nakia firmly believes that with reading comes knowledge and with knowledge comes power and while there are many choices an individual can make in life; one should always choose to never stop learning – for that is what will bring sustainable success in life.


In 2013 Dr. Wright was acknowledged and recognized for her exemplary outstanding, ongoing, and selfless community involvements. Shortly thereafter, all her hard work and dedication contributed to her advancement in the next step in her life, as she received her Doctorate in Philosophy. In the same year, she launched her organization, A Woman’s Voice Matters (AWVM), through mentoring, teaching, coaching, conferences, and counseling Dr. Wright has assisted thousands of women globally to realize how powerful their voices are. AWVM’s motto is simple, your voice matters, because you matter, and together WE ALL MATTER.


In 2015, Councilman Derrick Davis appointed Nakia Wright to serve on the Joint Land Use Study task force to serve as a Liaison for the Faith Based Community. Throughout 2015-2018 Nakia lead First Ladies for Hillary Clinton, volunteered in many local campaigns, as well as served on Boards and Task Forces throughout the State of Maryland.


In 2019, building on the foundation of The Life of Books, she founded The Promise Circle (TPC). TPC is a group of women that attempt to be an answer in the Earth through sound advice, transparency, and authentic love. She also currently serves as the Chair of Faith Based Advisory Board for Prince George’s County.


Dr. Nakia Wright is married to The Honorable Bishop Donald A. Wright and the two currently reside in Bowie, Maryland with their children and granddaughter.

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